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Experience Israel is one of the kosher food shops on the internet. Nati, an Israeli himself, gathered all the products he thinks resemble the country the most. These products on the webshop are his favorites. And it really means a lot to him to furfill his dreams: make other people known with the rich (culinary) culture Israel has to offer. With Experience Israel, the website Nati built, you can get kosher food online.

What is so special about our Israeli kosher food?

Here at Experience Israel you can find all kinds of Israeli kosher food. Israel is a country that’s rich in culture, and they give their food a lot of special attention. Israeli people pour their heart and their soul into everything they are making. Their dedication can cerntainly be recognized in the products you can get at our shop. Our assortment varies from crackers and cake to soup and olive oil. But don’t forget the ingrediënts you nee for baking and cooking. And what about herbs, sauces and other special stuff? You can find a lot of products such as Israeli kosher food at our online store. But we can imagine you are asking yourself why we offer these specific products of Israeli food and more. Well, that’s where Nati comes into our lives.

Nati and his story

Nati is a born Israeli. He’s lived in Israel uptil his twenties. Then a terrible thing happened; he got hit by a rocket attack. He lost his leg and he fought with his life to keep his other leg. Luckily, he and his doctors succeeded in that. He found a lot of support in friends, families and later in a Jewish organisation that supports people injured by war. For six years now, Nati has been living in the Netherlands. Despite everything that has happened, he still carries a deep love for the country of Israel. And he wants to share his love with other people. His dream was to do this in a way that people can experience Israel the way he think it’s the best to be experienced. And that includes Israeli kosher food. Israel is known about a lot of things, and their food is one of them. Nati has selected a broad range of products that he finds to be resembeling of the Israeli country. With this shop, you’re basically looking at Israel through Nati his eyes. And he loves the fact that people like you can start getting in touch with Israeli kosher food and other products.

Kosher food

As you may know, people in Israel mostly follow the kashrut. That’s a list, composed by the rabbi of that specific region, that tells if prodcuts are safe to eat according to the laws of Jewish dietary regulations. In Israel, a lot of kosher food shops can be found. Because mostly everybody follows these regulations in the Torah. But in the Netherlands, Nati found that getting hold of kosher food can sometimes be quite a challenge. That’s why he formed his dream into a reality: kosher food online at Experience Israel.

What does kosher food mean?

If you’re not familiar with the kashrut, you’re probably wondering what foods are kosher and what makes food kosher. There are a couple of regulations, especially focussing on the type of animal and the way they get slaughtered. For example, the Torah says that only land animals that chew their chud and have cloven hooves can be eaten. And regarding to fish, it’s only permitted to eat fish that have both fins and scales. And in generally, most of the winged creatures are not permitted to be eaten. With this, there are some exceptions in domesticated fowl, like chicken, dove, turkey, geese and quail. But you can also find other kosher food online, like pastes, crackers, olives, tehina, herbs and more. What about those? Well, if a product is coming from a forbidden species then it’s not allowed to be an ingredient. You can think of eggs, fish roe, dairy products, gelatin and other stuff. The eggs from kosher birds can be eaten though, so it’s a really specific list. So if you want the exact rules of what makes food kosher for a very specific product, take a look at that list.

Why choose kosher Israeli food?

The Torah states that ‘safe Israeli food’ should not contain any ingredients from a non-kosher animal. And that all people should follow the kashrut. So mostly, people choose jewish kosher food because of their believe. But some people are very interested in cultural and ritual habits of other countries and they tend to follow them as well, even though they may not be specifically Jewish in this case.

Order from ExperienceIsrael with ease

Order kosher food from our webshop with ease. Nati’s selection of the best kosher products from Israël are right here in front of you. Select your favourites and order them within a couple of clicks. If you have any questions about the kosher food that you can find on our website, or about something else, feel free to ask us.

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